Code for Houston

A code for America Brigade

Organized by the team at Impact Hub Houston, Code for Houston is a Code for America Brigade: A volunteer group that collaborates with local government and community partners to build new tools that help with local civic issues.
We’re part of a national network of community organizers and technologists who put technology to work for the benefit of our local communities. We’re thousands of designers, academic researchers, data journalists, activists, policy wonks, web developers and curious citizens who want to make our city more just, equitable, transparent and delightful to live in through data, design and technology.

We meet regularly to build, share and learn about tools to create, support, and serve the public good. Come join us!

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Open Project Night - Nile Dixon


Our programs and events welcome everyone with diverse experiences, skills, backgrounds, and interests to learn more about the challenges facing the Greater Houston area, the people working on solutions to address them, and the opportunities and resources available to get engaged and take action.
Learn more about these projects, people, and possibilities at:

Monthly: Open Project Night

Annual: Climathon Houston

Annual: Houston Hackathon



welcome others. do good. have fun!

Diverse representation and an inclusive culture are central to our work to meet community needs and change inequitable systems. In addition to Code for America’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, we ask all participants and stakeholders to abide by our Code of Conduct (
  1. Create a safe and respectful environment for all participants, where people are free from discrimination or harassment.
  2. Create a place where people can fully express their identities.
  3. Respect others: Everyone’s ideas, skills, and contributions have value.
  4. Encourage questions. Don’t assume everyone has the same context or understanding of any given situation.
  5. Encourage members and participants to listen as much as — or even more than — they speak.
  6. Create ways for people to contribute productively with their skills and energy. Use additive language like “yes/and” versus destructive language like “no/but.”
  7. Strive to build solutions that are open and anyone can use. Prioritize activities that foster public benefit vs. private profit.
  8. Design and develop solutions with input from and access for those who are often excluded from the civic process.
  9. Ensure that the community’s diversity is well-represented in the planning, design, and implementation of solutions. This includes inviting participation from women, people of color, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ persons, people from different generations and abilities, and other marginalized groups.
  10. Actively involve mission-aligned stakeholders and those with subject matter expertise. Ensure that relationships and conversations among community members, local government, and partners remain respectful, participatory, and productive.

The Code for Houston Brigade reserves the right to ask anyone in violation of this Code of Conduct to leave and/or not participate in any Code for Houston activities, events, and digital forums. To report anyone in violation locally, please contact the Impact Hub Houston team at houston at

Open Project Night - Mentoring

Open Project Night: Brandy Guidry