In the past year, Code for America has gone through some changes,  refining our values and role in the world of civic tech . At its core, the work remains the same: breaking down barriers to make government work well for everyone.  But how it’s doing that is evolving—while sticking to our principles of listening first, including those who have been excluded, and acting with intention. The same is true for the entire Code for America Network, and for Code for Houston.  Together, we’re building a path forward that centers the needs of the communities we work in, while scaling local knowledge to make a national impact.  The Network’s evolution To understand the needs of the Network, Code for America did what it always does first: Listen. Over 10 months, we hosted fireside chats, forums, conference sessions, and town halls. The thoughts and ideas shared by Network members were invaluable.  We learned that while we meet many volunteers’ needs, not